Friday, 24 June 2016

Brahma Mandir (Temple) Maharashtra - Travel log (Tighare) By Abir Maheshwari

Brahma Brahman - Travel log

Hearing the stories from childhood about supreme trinity, visiting Vishnu temple, Shiv Mandirs, worshiping the Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, and others was the cultural influence. But somewhere the worship seemed to be incomplete. There was a question stuck always in the mind, where is brahma, why the god of supreme knowledge and the creator can't be seen in any temple or at home been worshiped. This curiosity took us in the search of brahma temples. Resources like internet and public contact lead us to some spots near mumbai. The recent spot we visited on 19th of june 2016, Sunday. Which are situated in the Palghar dist. of Maharashtra near Mumbai. The place named kelwe and saphale are the neighbouring villages. And both are well rich in biodiversity and history too.

The place named kelwe which is also famous for its sea beach, have a temple of Lord Brahma. A small temple which was approximately 300 years ago built by Shri Satguru Padmanabh, as said by the locals. It was rebuilt in the year 1995 by the villagers of the village named Tighre in which the temple is situated. A small idol of one faced Brahma sitting on lotus and accompanied by Goddess of wisdom - Saraswati who is also wife of Lord Brahma. The temple also has idols of Lord ganesh and Shiv Lingam. The biggest festival of this temple is on the Solar Month of vaishakh, on 12th day of shukla paksha.

Brahma Mandir 1:
Brahma and Savitri

Brahma Mandir

Spot : Lord Brahma Temple
Place : Village Tighre, Taluka Kelwe/Saphale, dist. Palghar.
How to get there : railways and road transport are easily accessible. Railway from mumbai or from Gujarat on western railway line of India can take us to the railway station named Kelwe Road. From there the local auto rickshaw will take us to the village named tighre. The temple is the main road itself.
nearby place : the most famous nearby spot is kelwe beach.
From tighre we left for Saphale where the village named Makundsar. Not more than 10 KM from tighre. Here, there exists a small brahma mandir. It was recently built in the year of 1997. Here the three faced Lord Brahma sitting on Lotus rules the temple.

Brahma Mandir 2: 
Brahma Mandir

Spot : Brahma mandir
Place : village makundsar , Saphale, Palghar dist.
how to get there: the mode of transport is same as tighre.
nearby spot : a historical fort of 11th century names Tandulwadi fort.

Many Brahma Temples to be explored in coming future just hang on with us share it and follow us.