Thursday, 25 February 2016

Mahabharata and its Science Coming Soon Intro

In Mahabharata, the designer of the system (or system itself) called as Krishna, provides information called as "Bhagavad Gita" which is the manual of the Universal system in a human perspective.

Here Krishna provides special perceivable capability to Arjuna (Gnana dhrushti) to visualize his eternal and endless cosmic form called as Vishwaroopa.  He says in Chapter 11 verse 8 that you (Arjuna) cannot view me with your ordinary vision, I will give you visionary abilities to perceive me beyond humanly possible dimensions.

In Chapter 11, verse 16, Arjuna say he is not able to see the boundaries of this cosmic form, nor the middle nor the starting.   

In chapter 11, verse 29 of the Bhagavad Gita Arjuna stunned by the "Vishwaroopa" of Krishna states the following.  "yatha pradiptam jvalanam padhanga visanti naasaya samrddha-vegah tathaiva naasaya visanti lokas tavapi vaktrani samrddha-vegah"

As moths with great speed enter into a blazing fire to perish: similarly all these stars and planets (lokas) at great speed are entering into your mouths to perish.  

This should be Arjuna's visualization of the stars and planets (lokas) coming very nearer to the black holes (mouths) and therefore becoming more faster to perish into it.  Also note here vaktrani is plural not singular (ie. mouths and not mouth).  It clearly matches innumerable number of super massive black holes consuming stars and planets that comes near to it like moths.

This is more confirmed by the next verse, "lelihyase grasamanah samantal, lokan samagran vadanair jvaladbihi tejobhir apurya jagat samagram, bhasas tavograh pratapanti vishno

Here Arjuna states "Vishnu or He who pervades the entire creation consuming all the worlds (lokan samagran) Furthermore the blazing effulgence radiating from the visvarupa is so bright that it is scorching the universe with its brilliance.

As a conclusive part of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna states  "yada yada hi dharmasya  glanir bhavati bharata  abhyutthanam  adharmasya tadatmanam srjamy aham" which we could scientifically mean whenever and wherever there is a decline in "following the universal system" and a predominant rise against the "universal system", the system itself immediately takes automatic ways and means to correct it.  The system takes action based on the magnitude of the deviation. So more an biological entity or a group of entities scientifically advance, more formidable way they may create deviations.

More described and thro pdf, We are going to Release it in somedays .

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