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Analysing with astrology: Planets

Bowing to the pioneers of Vedic astrology - Maharishi Vashishti
Vedic planets or the navgrahas consists of following celestial objects
Sun (Surya)
Moon (Chandra)
Mercury (Budh)
Venus (shukra)
Mars (Mangal)
Jupiter (Brihaspati)
Saturn (Shani)
Rahu (shadow planet)
Ketu (shadow planet).
These planets can be further characterised as follows:

1. Sun || Surya || Ravi

Nature, Element, Cast : Satwik, Fiery, Kshatriya
Friends : Moon, Mars, Jupiter.
Enemies : Saturn, Venus.
Neutral : Mercury
Lord of : Leo
Exaltation : Aries
Debilitation : Libra
Kalas/kiranas : 30/20
Sex : Male.
Direction : East.
colours : Orange, saffron, light red.
stone : Ruby, garnet.
Numerology : 1,10,19
Deity : Shiva, Rudra, Lord Narayana, Fire, Sachidananda.

Beej mantra:
Om hraam hreem hraum se suryaya namah. (7000 times in 30 days)

Vedic mantra:
ऊँ आस्त्येन रजसा वर्तमानो निवेशयन्नमृतं मृत्र्य च।
हिरण्येन सविता रथेनादेवी यति भुवना विपश्यत्।।

Articles of donation:
Wheat, copper, ruby, gur, red cloth or flowers, sandal wood, khandsari, saffron (at Sun rise on Sunday)

Honey coloured eyes, weak eyesight, short hair, square in shape, hyper-irritability, well proportioned body.

Humour & parts of the body:
Bile, wind, bones, knees, navel.

Ailments :
Weak eyesight, heart disease, poisoning, bone fracture, mental, headache, migraine, fever, burns, cuts, wounds, gonorrhoea,
skin disease, leprosy, jaundice, bilious constitution, stomach, derangement, less of appetite, diarrhoea.

Represents :
Soul, atma, ego, doctoring, vitality, dhatus, capacity, strength.

Prominent qualities :
Political, aristocratic, royal, planet, quadruped, a source of life, a natural atamkaraka, Barren, heat and energy.

Karaka :
of royalty, name, fame, power, health, father, paternal uncle, politician, doctor, physician, authority, medicine, blood circulation, eyes,
wool, forests, wood, deserts, timber, soul, government, service (6th house), profession (10th house) places of worship, courage, hon’ble rank,
brokerage or commission, patrimony.

Professions & occupations :
Forest officer, creator, economic occupation, royal/govt. appointment, ruler, administrator, promoter, jeweller, owner, designer, dealer in wool,
ruling class, magistrate, surveyor, signaller, commission agent.

2. Moon || Chandra || Soma

Nature , Element, Cast : Satwik, Watery, Vaisya
Friends : Sun, Mercury.
Enemies : None
Neutral : Saturn, Venus, Mars, Jupiter.
Lord of : Cancer
Mooltrikona : Taurus 3° - 30°
Exaltation : Taurus 3°
Debilitation : Scorpio 3°
Kalas/kiranas : 16/8
Sex : Female.
Direction : North west.
colours : Silvery hue, white.
stone : Pearl, moon stone.
Numerology : 2, 11, 20
Deity : Durga, Parvati.

Beej mantra :
Om shraam shreem shraum se chanderaye namah. (11000 times)

Vedic mantra :
दघिशंखतुशाराभं क्षीरोदोर्णवसभवम् नवमि्। 
भाशिनं भवत्या भामभोर्मुकुटभुशणम्।।

Articles of donation :
Milk, curd, rice, pearl, misri, silver, white flowers, cloth or sandal (On Monday evening).

Appearance :
Pleasing eyes, oversexed, rheumatic, phlegmatic constitution, witty, unsteady mentally, circular shape.

Humour & parts of the body :
Left eye of male & right eye of female, uterus, breasts, cheeks, ovaries, blood, wind, phlegm, bladder, calves, flesh, stomach etc.

Ailments :
T.B., throat troubles, anemia, diabetes, menstrual disorders, nervous, lethargy, swelling, diseases of uterus, cough, dropsy, bronchitis, kidneys, blood impurity, fear from horned animal, fear from water, colic, skin disease, consumption, itches, indigestion, catarrh, dysentery, heart, lung, asthma, fever, jaundice appendicitis, diarrhoea.

Heart, mana, mind, moola.

Prominent qualities:
It gives strength to bear child, wavering, a planet of fecundation connected with water and natural forces, a crawling insect.

Karaka :
of watery places, mother, heart, mind, sea food, pearls, blood, fluids in the body, petroleum products, scent, left eye, gardening, travel,
emotions, salt, sea medicine, hernia, personality, liquids, foreign travels, rich dishes, changes.

Professions & occupations :
Journalism, tourism, traveller, water works, excise, women welfare, advertising, refreshment bars, sailors, salt hawker, mechanical engineer,
agriculture, hospitals, nursing homes, cattle, shipping, navy, fish, petroleum, coral, milk, liquor, pearls, nursery, chemicals, glasses.

3. Mercury || Budh

Nature, Element, Cast: Rajsik, earthy, shudra)
Friends: Sun, Venus.
Enemies: Moon
Neutral: Saturn, Mars, Jupiter.
Lord of: Gemini, Virgo.
Mooltrikona : Virgo 15° - 20°
Exaltation : Virgo 15°
Debilitation : Pices 15°
Kalas/kiranas : 8/10
Sex : Male eunuch.
Direction : North
Lucky colours : Brown, green, pastel shades.
Lucky stone : Emerald, onyx. (5cts. in quick silver on 2nd or 4th finger
Lucky nos.:: 5, 14, 23.
Deity : Vishnu, Lord Narayan.

Beej mantra :
Om braam breem braum se budhaye namah. (19000 times in 21 days)

Vedic mantra :
प्रियंगुकलिकाश्यामं रूपेणाप्रतिमं बुधम्।
सौम्यम् सौम्यगुणोपेतं तं बुधं प्रणामाम्यहम्।।

Articles of donation :
Sugar, moong, turpentine oil, green cloth, flower, ivory, camphor ( on Wednesday within 2 hours before sunset)

Appearance :
Polite talk, bilious, well built large body, taste for wit and humour, rheumatic.

Humour & parts of the body :
Skin, thighs, phlegm, wind, bile, anus, nervous system.

Ailments :
Mental diseases, typhoid, fevers, disorders of brain and vocal organs, piles, cervical, itches, liver, nervous break-down, vertigo,
stomach, diseases of eyes-neck and nose, white leprosy, fractures, stammering, indigestion, excessive sweating, poisoning,
boils, intestinal problems, impotency.

Represents :
Speech, Intellect, reasoning, mixture of the dhatus moola & jeeva

Prominent qualities :
Bandhu karaka, vidya karaka, janana karaka.

Karaka :
of friends, maternal uncle and aunts, adopted sons, nephews, elder co-born, intelligence, teaching, education, Vedas, Puranas, business,
trade, mathematics, accountancy, scientific learning, black- magic, clerks, pearl, laughter, smell, flowers, speech, printer, publisher,
oysters, squint eye, eloquence, adeptness.

Professions & occupations :
Accountants, chartered accountants, business, gem- examiner, advertiser, libraries, newspapers, publisher, stationery, bookshops,
copyists, authors, writers, educationalists, teachers, astrologers, auditors, post- men, journalism, physicians, mathematicians,
P&T department, counsellors, arbitrators, crafts, law, merchandise, transport, travellers, drivers, clerks.

4. Venus || Shukra

Nature, Element, Cast : Rajsik, airy, brahmin)
Friends : Mercury, Saturn.
Enemies : Sun, Moon.
Neutral : Mars, Jupiter.
Lord of : Taurus, Libra.
Mooltrikona : Libra 0°-15°
Exaltation : Pisces 27°
Debilitation : Virgo 27°
Kalas/kiranas : 12/14
Sex : Female
Direction : South- east.
Lucky colours : Pink shades, cream
Lucky stone : Diamond, white zircon/coral.
Lucky nos.: : 6, 15, 24.
Deity : Lakshmi, Indrani, Shachi.

Beej mantra :
Om dhraam dhreem dhraum se shukraye namah. (6000 times)

Vedic mantra :
हिमकुन्द मृणालाभं दैत्यानां परमं गुरुम्।
सर्व भास्त्र प्रवक्तारं भर्गव प्रणामाम्यहम्।।

Articles of donation :
Sugar, ghee, curd, camphor, rice, silver, white flowers, cloth or cow (On Friday at sun-rise).

Appearance :
Curly hair, handsome body, pleasing appearance and eyes, short stature, youthful looks, poor eater, poetic, rheumatic, phlegmatic.

Humour & parts of the body :
Genital organs, phlegm, wind, eyes, urine, semen.

Ailments :
Cataract, dropsy, excruciating pain in body, diseases of face, eyes and private parts, excessive sex urge or emission, venereal diseases, stone in bladder or kidney, fits, urinary diseases, swelling, genital troubles, diabetes, parotitis/parotiditis euphoria, white leprosy, small pox, in females- menstrual 
disorders and the like.

Represents :
Sensual pleasure, erotic impulses, jeeva.

Prominent qualities :
Poetic planet, of materialism, planet of pleasure of flesh and denotes splendour, vitality, radiance, seminal fluid, sports and games, art and culture.

Karaka :
Marriage, wife, wife’s parents, maternal grand-parents, sexual desires, kama, beauty, perfumes, fragrance, flowers, music, dance, songs, drama, youth, artistic talents, luxury articles, ornaments, good cloths, treasure troves, silver, gems, pearls, conveyances, pleasures of sense, passions, sour, black hair, watery places, water sports, wine, juicy objects, eroticism, mangalyakaraka, libido, lust, semen, comforts.

Professions & occupations :
Poets, painting, artists, musicians, dramatists, cinema line, garments, dress makers, jewellers, weavers, perfumes, vehicle dealers, excise, dairy, navy, building engineers, transport dealing with fair sex, income tax, wealth tax and revenue etc. If there is connection with Saturn of the nodes, beauty parlour.

5. Mars || Mangal || Kuja

Nature, Element, Cast : Tamasik, Fiery, Kshatriya)
Friends : Moon, Sun, Jupiter.
Enemies : Mercury
Neutral : Saturn, Venus.
Lord of : Aries, Scorpio.
Mooltrikona : Aries 0°-12°
Exaltation : Capricorn 28°
Debilitation : Cancer 28°
Kalas/kiranas : 6/10
Sex : Male
Direction : South
Lucky colours : Deep red.
Lucky stone : Red coral, garnet.
Lucky nos.: : 9, 8, 27

Deity : Ganpati, Shanmukha Kartikeya, Hanuman,Subramanya.

Beej mantra :
Om kraam kreem kraum se bhomaye namah. (10000 times in 20 days)

Vedic mantra :
ऊँ आस्त्येन रजसा वर्तमानो निवेशयन्नमृतं मृत्र्य च।
हिरण्येन सविता रथेनादेवी यति भुवना विपश्यत्।।

Articles of donation :
Red cloth, flower, sandal wood, wheat, masoor dal, ghee, copper (on Tuesday, within 48 minutes before sunset)

Appearance :
Medium built and height, fickle minded, lean, bilious, irascible, cruel.

Humour & parts of the body :
Bile hands, eyes, rectum, blood.

Ailments :
Blood pressure, boils, bloods, burns, cut, wounds, piles, urinary complaints, bone fractures, soar eyes, jaundice, tumours, oozing, itches, epilepsy, sores.

Represents :
Stamina, dhatus.

Prominent qualities :
Dictatorship, barren, a marital planet, planet of action and expansion, autocratic.

Karaka :
of step mother, younger brother, immovable property, lands, passions, anger, violence, hatred, stamina, muscles, bravery, force, lewdness,
defence, enemies, blood, accidents, sudden death, murders, sins, vindictiveness, science, mathematics, surgery, diseases, fires of ambition, logic.

Professions & occupations :
Property dealer, dentist, medical, chemist, surgery, engineering, cooking, barber, sports, athletes, hunting, involving instruments,
police, military, geology, circus, metal trade, thieving, jail, weapons, baker, fire man, lands, furnace, armament, dairy jobs.

6. Jupiter || Brihaspati || Guru

Nature, Element, Cast : Satwik, fiery, benefic)
Friends : Sun, Mars, Moon.
Enemies : Mercury, Venus.
Neutral : Saturn
Lord of : Sagittarius, Pisces.
Mooltrikona : Sagittarius 0°-10°
Exaltation : Cancer 5°
Debilitation : Capricorn 5°
Kalas/kiranas : 10/12
Sex : Male
Direction : North- east.
Lucky colours : Light blue, yellow shades lemon.
Lucky stone : Yellow sapphire, Golden topaz (4 to 6 cts. in gold)
Lucky nos.: : 3, 12, 21.
Deity : Lord Narayan, Shiva, Indra, Brahma.

Beej mantra :
Om graam greem graum se gurve namah. (19000 times)

Vedic mantra :
देवानां ऋशीणां गुरु कान्चन सन्निभम्।
बुधिभूतं त्रिलोकेश तं गुरुं प्रणामाम्यहम्।।

Articles of donation :
Turmeric, gram dal, topaz, gold, ruby, salt, jaggery or yellow cloth, flowers or laddoos. ( on Thursday evening).

Appearance :
Fair complexion, stout body, obese, phlegmatic.

Humour & parts of the body :
Thighs, phlegm, tongue, lungs, ears, knees, kidneys, liver, fat, brain, spleen.

Ailments :
Stomach troubles, gaseous troubles, cerebral problems, diabetes, dyspepsia, hernia, swooning, cataract, enlargement of organs, diseases of ears, spleen, lungs or navel, flatulence, adrenals, abscesses, piles, mental upsets, anemic, gall- bladder, jaundice, dropsy, fevers, carbuncle, giddiness, body pains, vertigo.

Represents :
Knowledge, wisdom, happiness and plentiful, jeeva.

Prominent qualities :
A spiritual, philosophical Planet of expansion and dignity, gives spirituality and wisdom. An idealistic planet, biped.

Karaka :
Guru, paternal grand-parents, husband, sons, religion, religious acts, faith, scriptures, sacrifice, devotion, good qualities, wealth,
intelligence, education, knowledge, royal honours, logic, astrology, control over senses, good virtues, janana, prosperity.

Professions & occupations :
Philosopher, professors, judge, law, lawyers, law-courts, scholars, venerable &respectable position, banks, treasuries,
income tax, revenue, editors, teachers, auditors, advertisements, financiers, councillors, priests, saints and sages,
charitable institutions, temples, share market, ministers.

7. Saturn || Shani || Shanaishchar

Nature and Element and Caste : Tamsik, airy, outcaste
Friends : Mercury, Venus.
Enemies : Sun, Moon, Mars.
Neutral : Jupiter
Lord of : Capricorn, Acquarius.
Mooltrikona : Acquarius 1°-20°
Exaltation : Libra 20°
Debilitation : Aries 20°
Kalas/kiranas : 1/16.
Sex : Female, eunuch
Direction : West
Lucky colours : Gray, navy blue, blackish.
Lucky stone : Blue sapphire, amethyst. (in steel or panchadhatu of 5 to 7 cts. in middle finger).
Lucky nos.: : 8, 17, 26.
Deity : Brahma, shiva (Mahamrityunjaya Japa).

Beej mantra :
Om praam preem praum se shanaye namah. (23000 times)

Vedic mantra :
नीलांजन समाभासं रवि पुत्र यमाग्रजम्।
छाया मार्तण्ड सम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम्।।

Articles of donation :
Iron, black cow or horse, black nail, cloth, flowers, mash dal, musk. (at noon on Saturday)

Appearance :
Tall lean body, yellowish and sunken eyes, large and big teeth, large and coarse nails, lazy, rheumatic, stiff knotty hairs.

Humour & parts of the body :
Wind, bile, head, neck, teeth, bones.

Ailments :
Mental aberrations, rheumatism, cancer, tumours, stomach, gastric complaints, acidity, teeth problems, paralysis, deafness,
loss of limbs, pains, hysteria, cuts, glandular disease, chronicity/chronic, bruises.

Represents :
Moksha karaka, delays obstructions, sorrows, democracy, miseries.

Prominent qualities :
Stingy planet, planet of logic, philosophy, impotency, renunciation, cold icy planet, destructive forces, secretive, barren.

Karaka :
Younger co-born, patience, death, old age, sins, laziness, yama, miseries, poverty, sacrifice, service, servant, slavery, servility,
workers, hard labour, science, secrecy, imprisonment, law, debts, dearth, wants, touch, untouchables, timber, legs,
delays, obstacles, fall from heights, penury, ailments, ashes, poison, wood, wool, sadness, pilgrimage, land, longevity,
 enmity with govt.,
black grains, travel abroad for residence, agriculture, fear, oil, minerals, calamities, dishonour, arms, deformity,
robbery, renunciation.

Professions & occupations :
All kinds of responsible jobs, jobs connected with punishment, gambling dens, drivers, coolies, builders, servants,
serving class,
hard-working jobs, menial & physical work, bricks, glass and tiles factory, foot wears, oil digging, government service,
iron& steel work,
carpentry, matters related with deep meditation & extensive study, wood or stone work, house building, cheats,
 beggars, hangmen,
ascetic, brothels, black art and magic, umbrella, masons, agricultural implements, surveying, miners, contractors.

8. Rahu || Ascending Lunar node || Bhayanak

Dragon’s head, caput, ascending node
Nature and Caste : Tamsik, Asura
Friends : --
Enemies : --
Neutral : --
Lord of : --
Mooltrikona : --
Exaltation : --
Debilitation : --
Kalas/kiranas : --
Sex : Male
Direction : South-west.
Lucky colours : Gray, navy blue, blackish.
Lucky stone : Gomed or onyx. (sulemani). Male- in panchdhatu ring, right hand, 2nd/3rd finger. Female- in platinium ring, left hand, 2nd/3rd finger
Lucky nos.: : -
Deity : Mahashakti, Nagaraja.

Beej mantra :
Om bhraam bhreem bhraum se rahuve namah. (18000 times in 40 days)

Vedic mantra :
अर्थकायं महावीर्य चंद्रादित्य चिमर्दनम्।
सिंहिकाग र्भसंभूतं राहूं प्रणामाम्यहम्।।

Articles of donation :
Mooli, sarson, til, satanaja(mixed seven grains), saffron, lead, coal, blanket. (on Thursday evening or Monday morning).

Appearance :
Tall stature, black complexion, fierce looking, rheumatic, irascible.
Humour & parts of the body :
Feet and breathing.

Ailments :
Skin diseases, artificial poisons, diseases of spleen & adrenal, diseases of feet, boils, ulcer, burning sensation in body,
diseases difficult to be diagnosed, debility, insanity, intestinal diseases, leprosy.

Represents :
The lord of the sign where it is posited, materialism, planet of transcendentalism, oldish look and bald.

Prominent qualities :
Foreign travels, eccentricity, vairagyakaraka, jananakaraka.

Karaka :
Paternal grand-father, maternal grand-mother, given to bad habits, widow, immoral woman connections, pleasure with diseased women,
wicked woman, widowhood, falsehood, dignity, inventor, research, expenditure, short temper, suicide, gamblers, liquor, low caste, other caste,
fallacious argument, vexatious speech, darkness, drowning, sinking with ships, leprosy, enemies, accidents, heretic, hurting words,
poison, epidemics, reptiles, stones, hunters, pain and swelling, spot on skin, skin diseases, life in foreign land, dearth & want, exiles,
quarrels, harsh speech, wrestler, venomous, cunningness, backbiter, spy, mean minded, hypocrite, southwest, slavery, adulterer, buttocks,
travelling, amputation, strength.

Professions & occupations :
Computers, lawyer, medicine, research, aeronautics, profession of erratic and cruel nature, gambling, speculating, thieving, snake catchers,
mortuary, sewerage, electricity, aviation, airlines, telephones, scholars, slaughter houses, sorcery, poisonous drugs, butcher acts,
foul smelling dirty places, base job, corpses, magic, hides and skins, bone mills, wrestlers.

As per Satyacharya Rahu rules over professions attributed to Saturn.

9. Ketu || Descending node

Dragon’s tail, cauda, descending node)
Caste :  Asura
Friends : --
Enemies : --
Neutral : --
Lord of : --
Mooltrikona : --
Exaltation : --
Debilitation : --
Kalas/kiranas : --
Sex : Hermaphrodite.
Direction : North-west.
Lucky colours : --
Lucky stone : Cat’s eye, lapuz lazulli.
Lucky nos.: : --
Deity : --

Beej mantra :
Om sraam sreem sraum se ketuve namah. (17000 times in 40 days)

Vedic mantra :
केतु कृणवन्न केतवे पेशो मर्या अपेशसे।
समुशभि्उर जायथा:।।

Articles of donation :
Gold, sugar, til, musk, lead, saffron, blanket (black & white), satanja(mixed seven grains), part of food to black-white dog (on Sunday morning).

Appearance :
Tall stature, easily excitable.
Humour & parts of the body :

Ailments :
Skin diseases, sensation in body, suicidal tendencies, undiagnosed diseases, stomach pain, body pain, fever, cataract, enlargement of spleen,
feet burning, boils, diseases from unknown causes, itches, eruptive fever, leprosy, cuts, wounds, hydrocele, artificial poisons, lung trouble.

Represents :
Spirituality, the lord of the sign where it is posited.
Prominent qualities :
Marital and spiritual planet, moksha karaka, a mysterious, deceptive, secretive and intriguing planet.

Karaka :
Maternal grand-father, paternal grand-mother, dreams, moksha, eyes, salvation, governments fines, intrigues, injury, fire accidents,
murder, punishment, imprisonment, poison, evil spirit, perpetrator, adulterer, medical practitioner, final emancipation, sudden death,
 assassination, malicious, bitchy and poisonous speech, life in foreign land, lunacy, fastidious, leprosy, kidnapping, arrest, wounds, worms,
 diseases caused by worms, occultism, detachment, philosophy, long stature, spots on body, smoky colour, chain-smoker, astrology, religion,
miser, suicide, bankruptcy, bites, intercourse.

Professions & occupations :
Religious preacher, philosophy, occult science, medical practitioner, refuse bin, dealer in medicine, plotters, skeletons, bones, mortuary,
 slaughter houses, sewerage work, poisonous drugs, butcher acts, foul smelling and dirty places, corpses, hides and skins, bone mills.

As per Satyacharya Ketu rules over professions attributed to mars.

To be continued...