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Major Dhyanchand (Hockey wizard) By Abir Maheshwari

Jhansi boy, the world's most ruthless man feared

There was a dark night. Be sure to give the light of the moon was shining. Green field under a 17-18 year old boy was playing hockey. See all enjoy a good laugh. "Come get girlfriends' teasing questions as well. Dhyan Singh was unperturbed by the military plays hockey. Bale Tiwari said the centurion see the passion of the disciples glad, "as in the light of the moon to be working hard. Cmkoge moon as a day of hockey. I notice you today not today 'Dhyan Chand as' call.' Thus begins the story of the hockey player, which gave the world the wizard name.

August 29, 1905 and 3 December 1979 Intkal the Dhyan Chand was born. Read some interesting stories of life Dhyan Chand.

1. 16-year-old joined the army Dhyan

Dhyan Chand's father was in the Army. Was often transferred. Was bound to disturb the studies. Only missed class six. In 1922 at the tender age of 16, joined the Army on the post of constable. The regiment was named "First Brahmin Regiment '. Interestingly, the military comes to play hockey before Dhyan Chand was not nor was interested. Played by people in the military in mind roused aspire. Sub undertook to teach children Tiwari. Taught the nuances. Made hard. Singh also spearheaded focus hard and one day become the country's best hockey players.

2. The first foreign tour

Year 1926. The Army wanted to be New Zealand's hockey team. The players began to look for. Dhyan Chand was also aspire, rather than say anything to anyone on the practice continued. I explained that if the mind fit, will get the chance. Then one day the commanding officer called and said, 'Young man, you're going to New Zealand to play hockey. "

Dhyan Chand was so happy that there was a word of mouth. Salute imposed and come out. It was the first time the Indian hockey team which went abroad. A total of 21 matches played by the team in New Zealand. 18 buried in the flag of victory. India scored the 192, of which 100 goals were just Dhyan Chand. Complete with the reality on the field hockey team was knocked.

3. Dhyan Chand stayed 24 hours in the reception traffic of ships

Gold in the Olympics in 1928, the Indian hockey team returned to Bombay. Reception at Bombay Dockyard cargo ships were stopped at sea. Movement of ships was not even 24 hours. Crowds of thousands. North-West Frontier Province in 1928, transferred Dhyan Chand Waziristan (now in Pakistan) was, where it was tough to play hockey. Was a hilly area. Had ground. This is because we have failed with regard to selection of the 1932 Olympics, Dhyan Chand.

4. Colonel snapped Dhyan, now will not lose any

21-year-old team beat New Zealand in 1926 were attended by Dhyan Chand. British military officials raised the rank of lance-hero Dhyan extra. There was reason to. India had won 21 of the 18 matches in New Zealand. Indian hockey team had lost a match in New Zealand. Colonel George Dhyan Chand's hockey team returned to India to ask why India's team lost a match this is the Dhyan Chand that he felt the remaining 10 players are behind them. The next question, then what will happen next. The answer is that no one will lose out. After the demonstration and answer became the Dhyan Chand Nk.

5. borrowing reached Olympic hockey team

Year 1928. Amsterdam was the Olympics. India's first national team to the player to choose explored. Many teams in the country were made to match. Dhyan Chand played for the United Provinces were chosen. The problem came to Rs. Hockey Union only Itte bucks were involved, which could be 11 players Amsterdam. 2 could not be sent to other players. Then came forward to help the Bengal Hockey Association.

6. When the first-ever the wizard said

Saddi team made history in Amsterdam Olympics. Won one match. Then came the title match. On May 26 1928. The atmosphere was not used to foreigners. Dhyan Chand was ill several players. But just feeling battered, was not encouraging. Holland is today's hockey champion, was defeated 3-0 in the final to us. Dhyan Chand had two goals. Borrowing Olympic team came to play, he had become world champion.

After the Olympics, Dhyan Chand's name first "wizard" words added. Foreign newspapers in the match, "magic, wizard, magic wand" used as Words. They also say that the wife of a British high officials from Dhyan Chand Hockey Challenge had to play instead of closing the umbrella, which was completed smiling Dhyan Chand. Since that time, India was a slave, because hockey match had to play under the banner of the Union Jack.

7. brother Fhrai victory in the Olympic flag

Dhyan Chand Roop Singh also impressed by his brother began to play hockey. Hard. Good player. That opportunity came again, with both brothers played in the Olympics. 1932 Olympics will take place in Los Angeles. The team was to be chosen. On behalf of the Army and the United Provinces from Dhyan Chand Roop Singh was elected to the Indian hockey team. The problem this time was Rs. Punjab National Bank to help. Jitti amount on the bank, he was able to do no good. Bengal Hockey Association extended a helping hand. Your team won the Olympics, the hectic round. August 14, 1932 was the final match of the US. We have scored 24 goals compared to 1 watt of Americans set. India had become world champion once again.

8. Dhyan Chand foreign woman said, 'what u got in?'

So far, each side of the Indian hockey team was set Bukal. Germany sent a message to India that if your team will come to us, we will raise the cost. Then the Indian team, many matches and 4 goals in the last match to beat Berlin -11. Dhyan Chand too far abroad were crazy. It's a fun anecdote connected. Dhyan Chand, a young woman in Czechoslovakia and they were impressed with the game and said, 'You're an Angel look like, what do I do what?' The Dhyan Chand hearing nervous and said, "Sorry, I am married. Please forgive me. '

9. Olympic torch lit by sunlight

The 1936 Olympics were held in Germany. There was the Hitler regime. Dhyan Chand's name was not on the list of the first team. Plenty happened organically. Dhyan Chand was the captain of the team. Berlin marks the swastika was engraved on the walls on each side of the Nazi Party. Hitler had shouted. The Olympics were arranged very expensive. Olympic torch lit from rays of the sun for the first time. The first Olympic Games that were shown on television. India's performance in the tournament have been fantastic.

10. Hitler's team played against the wounded Dhyan

India at the Olympics was in 1936 against Germany. Hitler Germany's national team. The match was scheduled for August 14. It rained for the match has been postponed until August 15. On August 15, the match began. Germany players aggressively. Dhyan Chand's teeth hurt. Some time had to leave the field. Dhyan Chand returned to the field in an injured condition. Explained to teammates. Instead, the great game play. Dhyan Chand began with the return frantic goal scorer.

11. Hitler ran leave the field

The final between Germany and India. Dhyan Chand's team in the early minutes of the match to Germany to see a washing Hitler left the stadium. India defeated Germany 8 goals against 1.

12. Hitler offered Dhyan Chand rejected

Dhyan Chand was on each side of the posts. German dictator Hitler was unaware of the incidents. India and Germany in the match for long Hitler was not on the field. Completion was scheduled for August 16 at the Olympics. Dhyan Chand was the face of Hitler. Indian hockey team gold medal was wearing. Hitler met when Dhyan Chand was so impressed that he Itta-general in his army offered. Dhyan Chand turned down the offer spontaneous. Dhyan Chand's hockey team returned to the country and the strong reception.
What people say about Dhyan Chand played ball with his hockey stick was stuck c. People would suspect. Dhyan Chand Hockey Breaking seen too many times. The new hockey handed them, yet he played just as wondrous. December 2, 1979, when he said goodbye to the world, then on his body two hockey sticks Cross maintained. After they went blurred Indian hockey's golden period. Dhyan Chand on the grounds on which the "magic" show, they were registered in history.

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