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Rezang La War - Untold Story

Rezang-La unheard of War saga 

India with China in 1962. Only a few people who prefer to remember the war. The reason is simple ...

The 1962 war wounds are so deep that no one does not want to scrape her countrymen. Even the Indian army that does not seem to talk much about the war. But it is not only the 1962 war has just wound us. The war taught us that even in extreme conditions the soldiers fight bravely not only know, sacrificed their lives to defend the country's borders do not know,

But The Enemy's Teeth to Sour. 

During the war in 1962, Indian troops in Ladakh Rezang-La Chinese soldiers who had fought Indian forces him not only with China but also the world's armies, for instance, does not forget to watch and learn.

China invaded Tibet, and the Dalai Lama fled to India then capture political asylum in India and China since relations had soured immensely. The Chinese intrusion in Ladakh and in several border areas after the capture by the Indian Army in the area was beginning to develop its forward-post. India believes that China in these border areas by road because their post or their officials was submitted because these areas were vacant. For years that area known as no men Land, China took advantage of this. The then Prime Minister in the cold desert of Ladakh, in the border areas were barren and charged him to build his post.

Chushul in Ladakh region, at an altitude of nearly 16,000 feet, close to the Indian Army Rezangla Pass was prepared by a post. This post was given the responsibility of protecting a company of 13-Kumaon Regiment led by Major 'Shaitan Singh' was (Bhati). 123 personnel, mostly in the company of Haryana's Rewari district Ahir (Yadav) included. Chushul evil eye on the Chinese army was engaged. In any case, he wanted to capture the Chushul. Given that Chinese troops had been camping in the area.

Consequently, when in October 1962, from Ladakh NEFA (Arunachal Pradesh) Indian Soldier foot were uprooted and Chinese army had entered the Indian territory, then Rezang-La where the only battle that was fought Indian troops China's PLA had proved to be.

November 17 The Chinese army stationed in Rezang-La tremendous attack on Indian soldiers. Chinese troops under a plan to bring Rejhang-soldiers surrounded the two sides, the Indian army guns (Artillery) could not use. But .303 (three-not-three) and brain-pistol through the Kumaon Regiment of the 123 young Indian Soldier was Facing - Chinese army Cannon, Mortars and Automatic Weapons, which included machine-gun. A large number of these men by their heroism Chinese soldiers were killed. But the Chinese army constantly re-Enforcement was sending troops to help.

Major Shaitan Singh arrived at the company's five platoons of its personnel were in- spired. Meanwhile 13-Kumaon company leader Major Shaitan Singh was injured after being hit shots. Two young when they were lifted to safety when they saw Chinese soldiers.

PVC(Param veer Chakra) winner(posthumous) Major Shaitan Singh

Shaitan Singh lives of its men were not put at risk at any cost. He himself refused to be taken to safety. Singh injured seals between devil condition remained the same. On the other hand, died with his gun in hand.
Two days, the Chinese PLA soldiers are preventable. November 18, 109 Soldier out of 123 which young company commander Major Shaitan Singh was also defending the nation had 'Embraced Death'. But the end result, that Indian troops were fired. Despite not give in to China to lay the remaining troops.

Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Anelises Wing), former officer RK Yadav, in his book "Mission R & W" in describing the battle of Rezang-La wrote that one of the remaining troops without any weapons and bullets 'Sinhram' Chinese troops took hold of started hitting. Mall specializes in war 'Sinhram' wrestler grabbed by the hair and the one Chinese soldier crashed into the hill-hit shot to death. The way he was killed ten Chinese soldiers.

Infused with patriotic song written by lyricist Pradeep Lata Mangeshkar had sung immortal keeping in mind the fact he probably was composed Rezag-La war.
China points out that the prisoner had made Five Indian soldiers in this battle and Nine soldiers were wounded.

Indian soldiers bravely defeated Chinese troops did not dare to come down from the mountain now. And China could not capture any Chushul. In Rewari, Haryana on these Ahir monument made in memory of the soldiers wrote that China had 1700 soldiers killed. Although no one knows the reality. In these battles, the soldiers who laid down their saga because there is no one to tell. And China ever going to tell about the damage to their troops. So much so that the Chinese army in Rezang-La but suffered heavy losses.

Veergati received posthumously Major Shaitan Singh was awarded the country's highest medal of Param Veer Chakra. Major Shaitan Singh and Ahir soldiers in memory of their heroic Rezang-La a war memorial erected near Chushul. Every year on November 18 to remember these brave soldiers,

“शहीदों की चितांओं पर लगेंगे हर बरस मेले… देश में मर-मिटनेवालों का बस यही एक निशां होगा…”

In Memory Of Charlie Company, 13-Kumaon Regiment, Rezang-La Post- Chushul.

18 November 1962.

Jai Hind.

-Written by Kamal.